The Path Way

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine began publishing a quarterly department newsletter in January, 2010. The current and previous versions of the newsletter are available in PDF format below. 

The Newsletter will highlight new developments in the tripartite activities our department featuring:

  • clinical services
  • educational programs involving medical, dental, and graduate students, post-Doctoral fellows, and clinical residents and fellows
  • basic science and clinical translational research

Each Newsletter will focus on different accomplishments from these arenas and will include sections highlighting new administrative changes both in the Department and at MUSC, new additions to our collective family, and announcements of new programs and other opportunities.

Please remit information to be included in the newsletter to:
Lori Roten
Walton Research Building, 8th Floor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
39 Sabin Street
Charleston, SC 29425


September-December 2018 (PDF)
June 2018 (PDF)
March 2018 (PDF)


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