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Policies and Procedures

Important Information

The documents below contain information regarding CBI policies and procedures developed to support efficient and safe operations. Users of CBI resources are expected to be familiar with all policies relevant to their activities.

Equipment and Rates                 

Siemens 3T Prismafit MRI NIH and Foundation Rate


Siemens 3T Prismafit MRI Industry Rate


Bruker 7T Small-Bore MRI



Schedule equipment using Calpendo Scheduling System

3T Scheduling Policy - Updated January, 2023

Information Technology

You can find out everything you need to know about accessing research MRI data generated at 30 Bee Street by downloading the How to Access DICOM Data (PDF)

 Upcoming MRI Safety Class

The MRI Safety Class is required to complete prior to working around the scanner and occurs once a month. 

Register for the MRI safety class


Phone: 843-792-2353