January 21 - Psych Grand Rounds

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Grand Rounds 2021-2022

Originally recorded on January 21, 2022 

Dr. Bashar Badran, Assistant Professor and Dr. Bernadette Cortese, Assistant Professor, MUSC

"Impact of COVID: Latest Advances in Research"

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This panel presentation co-sponsored by the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences’ Executive Committee for Research and Research Administration to highlight novel advances in research within our Department exploring the impact of COVID-19. Panelists featuring their research include Drs. Bernadette Cortese and Bashar Badran.

"Electrical Stimulation of the Trigeminal Nerve as a Novel Intervention to Improve Smell Function"

Dr. Cortese will present what is known, and still unknown, about COVID related smell dysfunction. This will include a general discussion on potential treatments and more specific information on our recent pilot study regarding the effects of non-invasive trigeminal nerve stimulation on smell function.

"Noninvasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) to Reduce Neuropsychiatric Symptoms Associated with Long COVID"

Dr. Badran will present on his team’s work using self-administered, at-home neuromodulation to reduce anxiety and fatigue in long-COVID patients. His talk will describe a small, double blind pilot study exploring the effects of twice-daily auricular neuromodulation for four weeks, with promising effects on mental fatigue.

At the completion of the presentation, attendees will be able to:

1. Gain a better understanding of COVID-related smell dysfunction
2. Be able to describe smell training
3. Understand how trigeminal nerve stimulation may work to improve smell function
4. Understand what noninvasive vagus nerve stimulation is and how it is administered
5. Understand how noninvasive vagus nerve stimulation can be safely administered in the at-home, remote-monitored setting

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