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The Department of Anesthesia's “can-do” mentality along with all that our beautiful city has to offer creates a wonderful environment in which to train, work and live.

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Research Development

Departmental Seed Grant Program

The Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine has established an internal application process that provides faculty, trainees, and scholars with opportunities to obtain start-up funding for research interests. Funding is available upon review and recommendation of a formal Departmental research application by the Anesthesia Research Development & Mentoring Committee. Funding requests can be for clinical, translational, basic, or bioepidemiological projects, will typically will be 1 to 2 years in duration, not exceed $25,000 total costs per year, may not pay for faculty effort, and do not carry indirect costs. Budgets along with justification must be clearly delineated. Studies that consist entirely of retrospective chart reviews, although potentially necessary and important, are not viewed as consistent with this mechanism. The deadline for application submission is the 1st of each month (allowing at least two weeks prior to the IRB submission deadline). Once applications are received, the Chair for Research will review and will provide copies to committee members. Investigators are encouraged to present ideas at all stages, e.g. initial development, work-in-progress, and near-completion, at the monthly Departmental research meeting. This is viewed as an essential component of both faculty and project development as well as of the effort to create and grow a research community within the Department. If funded, a bi-annual progress report will be required. This report summarize progress, impediments (and proposed solutions), and the status of allocated funds. The Research Office will provide the guidance and support necessary for all stages in this process, including initial project development, IRB submission, application preparation, regular financial reports, etc. An initial and follow-up meetings with Beth Wolf (statistician) are also key elements of this program.

Departmental Research Committee Members

Jerry Reves, M.D. (Interim Chairman)
Jeff Borckardt, Ph.D.
Kenneth Catchpole, Ph.D.
Larry Field, M.D.
Alan Finley, M.D.
Latha Hebbar, M.D.
Julie McSwain, M.D.
Horst Rieke, M.D.
Sylvia Wilson, M.D.