About the Department

About Us

The vision of our department is to build on the department's current and historic strengths: Cancer Immunology, Transplant Immunology, host-pathogen interactions, autoimmunity and some new directions in neuro/lung inflammation, and to be recognized nationally and internationally for our research and educational programs. Our initiatives include new therapeutic approaches to the treatment of these human diseases.

The mission of our department is to advance science with the goal of preventing, treating and curing disease. We conduct groundbreaking biomedical and clinical research, leading to the discovery and development of treatments for human health improvement in these areas.

Our department focuses on the four aforementioned areas of research and teaching excellence. We participate in the training and education of students in the Master's and Ph.D. programs of the College of Medicine, College of Graduate Studies, and College of Dental Medicine. Through interactions with clinical departments and centers, the Department aims to translate its discoveries towards the development of novel therapies and diagnostics.