Happy new MPH students gather in class

PHGEN 770 ILE Planning

This course is designed to help students and faculty jointly prepare for the Integrative Learning Experience (ILE) in their final semester of their MPH Program. The ILE or Capstone, as the culminating experience of the MPH program, requires students to synthesize and integrate knowledge acquired in coursework and other learning experiences and apply it to analyzing and addressing a public health practice and/or research challenge. This is a required 1-hour course available to all MPH students. It is designed to help students understand ILE requirements, gain skills necessary for successful completion of the ILE, and develop a proposal for their ILE experience with faculty and other mentors. At the end of the course, students will have developed a finalized ILE plan and gained skills to assure its completion. The Applied Practice Experience or Internship course is a 180 hour practicum which requires students to gain professional work experience in the public health workforce. This course will allow students to garner professional skills prior to starting their internship including resume building, interviewing tips, and workforce performance standards, along with internship and career exploration. (Required BIOS, EPID, HBHP)