Happy new MPH students gather in class

PHGEN 750 MPH Seminar

MPH Seminar is a 1 credit hour course for Master of Public Health students in the Department of Public Health Sciences (DPHS) offered in the fall semester. Students are required to complete the fall semester of the course (total of 1 credit hour). Students attend DPHS-sponsored seminars every other Monday throughout the semester to gain exposure to contemporary topics in public health research. Seminar speakers are invited guests to the department and represent a diversity of research topics that are complementary to the research interests of DPHS faculty. On alternating Mondays, the department sponsors a professional Public Health seminar series featuring guest speakers from local public health agencies, MUSC departments, and local non-profits. This valuable exposure helps first –year students identify potential mentors and projects for internship and volunteer hours, provides an overview of potential career paths for graduates, and introduces the pressing public health concerns that impact our region, nation and global communities. (Required BIOS, EPID, HBHP fall semesters)