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Laptop Standards


The Department of Public Health Sciences (DPHS) requires that all incoming students purchase a portable or laptop computer. Our buildings are all wireless-enabled, and you will be able to access your campus email, student-related information, course materials, and other important web-based resources at any time using your laptop. To ensure compatibility with the existing campus technology infrastructure, the DPHS has identified hardware and software standards for student laptops (see below). Students must bring to campus a laptop that meets or exceeds these standards. Students with laptops that do not meet the minimum standards will receive limited software support from the DPHS. The DPHS's Department of Technology or I.T. will not be able to offer hardware support or repair for any student-owned laptops.

Please note that the Department of Public Health Sciences laptop hardware and software standards are different from university standards and that you must adhere to the Department of Public Health Sciences' technology requirements.

Student Laptop Minimum Hardware & Software Requirements (2024-2025)

  • Laptop: Any PC-based laptop (No Macs are allowed) which meets the following hardware standards:
    • Processor: Minimum of an Intel Core i7
    • Memory: Minimum of 16GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: Minimum of 256 GB (a solid-state drive is recommended for faster read and write speeds)
    • Operating System: Windows 11 Professional (No Home Editions). This provides BitLocker Drive Encryption which meets the MUSC policy and State of South Carolina requirements.
  • Antivirus Software: The Department of Public Health Sciences will provide antivirus software protection.
  • Warranty: Due to the critical nature of system availability, the department recommends purchasing an extended hardware warranty. The Department of Public Health Sciences does not maintain an inventory of hardware.

As Apple Mac Laptops are not supported, I.T. will not be able to install software or printer drivers on the devices.