PUMA Study

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Cannabis has become more widely used in recent years. As this substance rapidly becomes more popular, the focus has been on how it affects teenagers and young adults. However, cannabis use is also increasing rapidly among older adults. We are interested in studying adults 50-80 to see how cannabis cravings are affected by stress. Brain imaging will also be used to investigate how cannabis may impact the brain. This project is designed to gather information about all these factors to gain a better understanding of cannabis use.

Who is Eligible?

We are looking for participants 50-80 years old, that smoke at least 3x per week. Participants should be in generally good health, and do not use any substances other than cannabis, nicotine, and alcohol.

Study Procedures:     

There are 3 visits for the PUMA Study. The 1st is an online telehealth visit, and the next 2 are in-person at MUSC. Each participant will be enrolled for about 2 weeks. Participants will undergo memory testing, blood draw, brain MRI and a stress test. You will also be asked to complete quick questionnaires at home for 1 week.

Interested in participating? Please fill out our survey and a member of the team will contact you to give you more information.