PUMA Study

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Cannabis has become more widely used in recent years, especially among older adults. We are interested in studying regular cannabis users ages 50-80 to see how cannabis use impacts the brain, and how stress might influence cannabis use differently in women versus men.

Who is Eligible?

We are looking for participants 50-80 years old, that smoke at least 3x per week. Participants should be in generally good health, and do not use any substances other than cannabis, nicotine, and alcohol.

Study Procedures:     

There are 3 visits for the PUMA Study. The 1st is an online telehealth visit, and the next 2 are in-person at MUSC. Each participant will be enrolled for about 2 weeks. Participants will undergo memory testing, blood draw, brain MRI and a stress test. You will also be asked to complete quick questionnaires at home for 1 week.

Enrollment is currently closed!