Researcher at work in a lab.

Pharmacology Research

As a result of the research strengths of our department, we consistently rank within the top 30th percentile nationally according to NIH rankings of medical school pharmacology departments across the country. Considering our modest size, this is quite a strong showing.

Research Laboratories

Find more information about the groundbreaking research conducted in laboratories headed by our award-winning faculty.

Proteomics Center

The Proteomics Center is housed within the department and provides an opportunity for students and postdoctoral fellows to gain expertise that will prepare them for careers in academics or the pharmaceutical sector.

Mass Spectrometry Facility

The Mass Spectrometry Facility and REDOX Proteomics Core provides LC-MS/MS based analyses for the unbiased discovery of differentially expressed and post-transitionally modified proteins. MALDI-TOF MS, LC-MS, and LC-MS/MS tandem mass spectrometry analyses are offered for protein analysis.