BMTRY 781 Methods in Clinical Cancer Research


This clinical cancer research training course will follow the general curriculum of the AACR/ASCO Methods in Clinical Cancer Research with greater attention given to trial design and statistical issues. In addition to the didactic portions of the training, each trainee will have a clinical research proposal which will be developed into a "letter of intent" (LOI) for a clinical trial. Other contact hours will take the form of a journal club where clinical research papers from journals such as Clinical Cancer Research or Journal of Clinical Oncology are discussed, and protocols that are being undertaken at HCC are reviewed and discussed. Lastly, trainees will also be required to attend and take part in the HCC Protocol Review Committee's monthly meetings. This will allow the trainees to be exposed to a variety of studies ranging from Phase I to III cancer trials, in addition to observational, translational, and qualitative research studies.


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