Patient Care

MUSC General Internal Medicine faculty members are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to a large and diverse patient population.In addition to providing primary care, our clinicians work in fields such as geriatrics, palliative care, and hospitalist medicine.

For Internal Medicine Patients: 

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Outpatient General Internal Medicine

Our primary care section is led by Kimberly Davis, M.D. The resident and faculty practice, University Internal Medicine (UIM), provides almost 32,000 patient visits per year. The community-based practice, University Internal Medicine – East Cooper, is located in Mount Pleasant. Both practices are NCQA-accredited Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH). A PCMH is a team-based model of care led by a personal physician who provides continuous and coordinated care throughout a patient's lifetime to maximize health outcomes. This care model promotes improved access and communication, care coordination and integration, care quality and safety, preventive services, treatment of acute and chronic illness, and assistance planning end-of-life care.

We have developed interprofessional teams within these practices to more fully address the entire spectrum of medical needs of primary care and aging patients to improve outcomes and quality of life. The transformation of our University Internal Medicine and University Internal Medicine – East Cooper practices to PCMH’s is allowing us to provide a much more personalized level of care based on individual patient needs.


With an ever-growing geriatric population in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, the Division has expanded its focus on geriatric teaching, patient care, and research to help our seniors to age with dignity. Board Certified Geriatricians Amanda Overstreet, D.O. joined the Division in 2016, along with Kelly Graves, M.D. in 2021, and see outpatients in University Internal Medicine and staff a geriatric consult service in University Hospital and Ashley River Tower. 

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Palliative Care

Our palliative care section is led by Pat Coyne, RN, MSN. The mission of the Palliative Care Program is to maintain or restore the quality of life for persons with serious illness and their families through the multidisciplinary delivery of expert symptom management and palliative care. This mission is based on the conviction that the symptoms, pain, and suffering that may be associated with serious illnesses should be addressed and relieved in every manner possible, with the goal of improving quality of life for both the patient and family. The Program strives to deliver compassionate care which is aligned with and guided by the mission and values of MUSC.

The palliative care program within MUSC cares for patients of all ages as well as their families. An outpatient palliative care clinic is established in Hollings Cancer Center. The Palliative Care fellowship, directed by Leigh Vaughan, was established in 2016 and accepts two fellows per year. However, the faculty and staff are establishing a telehealth program to support palliative care delivery across the state of South Carolina, with funding from the Duke Endowment. Palliative Care faculty are also active in research, supported by grants from the Duke Endowment, the Cambria Foundation, as well as others.

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