2023 Surgery Research Day Poster and Oral Presentations

Poster Presentations

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Breast Cancer Care in the Setting of COVID-19 pandemic

Melanie Bertolino, Benjamin Usry, Rupak Mukherjee PhD, Andrea M Abbott MD

Cardiopulmonary bypass in lung transplant

Walker Blanding, M.D., Morgan A. Hill, M.D., Z.A. Hashmi, M.D., Timothy Whelan, M.D., Luca Paolett, M.D., Kathryn Engelhardt M.D., M.S., Barry C. Gibney, D.O.

Performance of an AI Large Language Model in Guiding Therapy in Coronary and Aortic Valve Disease

Brady Gunn, DO, Maxwell F. Kilcoyne, DO, Zachary W. Sollie, MD, Ahmed Alameldin, MS, John Del Gaizo, PhD, Roshan Mathi, BS, Brett Welch, MBA, Khaled Shorbaji, MD, Arman Kilic, MD

Changes in Aortic Diameter and Aortic Valve Competency after HeartMate III Left Ventricular Assist Device Implantation

Maxwell F. Kilcoyne, DO, Khaled Shorbaji, MD, John Foster, MD, Christa Haran, BS, Jennie Kwon, MD, Brett Welch, MBA, Arman Kilic, MD

 Overexpression of PD-L1 in mesenchymal stromal/ stem cells improves the immunomodulatory properties and therapeutic effects in nonobese diabetic mic

Ahmed Lotfy, Hua Wei, Wenyu Gou, Erica Green, Hongjun Wang

Predicting Imminent Mortality in a Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit Using Artificial Intelligence

Roshan Mathi, MS, Zachary W. Sollie, MD, John Del Gaizo, PhD, Brett Welch, MBA MHA, Sanford Zeigler, MD, Arman Kilic, MD

Assessing adherence to NCCN guidelines for screening and risk reduction strategies among patients with Lynch Syndrome

Rohith S Raman, Benjamin Usry, Mira Clavecilla, Adam Hochman, Kiersten Meeder, Rupak Mukherjee, Kevin S Hughes, Colleen Donahue

Anatomic position of femoral-popliteal bypass grafts and patency

Jeffrey Rodgers, M.S., Thomas Brothers, M.D.

Morbidity and Mortality of Heterotopic Partial Heart Transplantation in Rodent Models

Savannah Skidmore; Morgan Hill, MD; Katherine Bishara; Haley Konsek; Jennie Kwon, MD; Kelvin G. M. Brockbank; T. Konrad Rajab, MD

Utilization and Impact of Reduced Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction Donors on Outcomes of Heart Transplantation

Zachary W. Sollie, MD, Suraj Rao, BS, Khaled Shorbaji, MD, Brett Welch, MBA, MHA, Arman Kilic, MD


Oral Presentation Abstracts:

Impact of Lung Allocation Policy Change on Hispanic Lung Transplant Outcomes: Addressing Disparities and Improving Access

Eric Klipsch MD, Khaled Shorbaji MD, Jennie Kwon MD, Walker Blanding MD, Ian Bostock MD, Barry Gibney DO, Luca Paoletti MD, Tim Whelan MD, Arman Kilic MD, Kathryn E Engelhardt MD

Extended chemical prophylaxis for venous thromboembolism after colorectal cancer surgery is associated with improved survival: a natural experiment in the chemotherapeutic benefit of heparin derivatives

Alexander Booth, MD, MSCR, Daniel Brinton, PhD, Colleen Donahue, MD, Kit Simpson PhD, Thomas Curran, MD, MPH

Evaluation of Ventilation at 10øC as the Optimal Storage Condition for Donor Lungs in a Murine Transplant Model

Morgan A. Hill, MD, Megan Tennant, BS, Richard O?Neil, PhD, Barry C. Gibney, DO

Effects of PTSD-Dependent Neurogenic Hypertension and Inflammation on Thoracic Aortic Wall Homeostasis

Heather Holman, Sara J. Sidles, Ying Xiong, Jennifer A. Rinker, Jean Marie Ruddy, Amanda C. LaRue, Rupak Mukherjee, Jeffrey A. Jones

Humanized Monoclonal Antibody to Secreted Frizzled-Related Protein 2 Inhibits Triple Negative Breast Cancer Metastases

Hsu, Lillian, Nasarre, Patrick, Siegel, Julie, Hilliard, Eleanor, Mukherjee, Rupak, Klauber-DeMore, Nancy

Waitlist and Transplant Outcomes in Organ Donation After Circulatory Death: Trends in the United States

Jennie H. Kwon, Walker M. Blanding, Khaled Shorbaji, Joseph R. Scalea, Barry C. Gibney, Prabhakar K. Baliga, Arman Kilic

DSA after CTA for BCVI: grade changes but management rarely does

John Lucas MD, Georgia Lydon MD, Elizabeth Wallace, Cynthia Talley MD FACS

Defining the Rate of Pathologic Upstaging in Patients with Clinical T1b Esophageal Cancer: Should we consider Neoadjuvant Therapy?

David R. Mann DO MS, Kathryn E. Engelhardt MD MS, Barry C. Gibney DO, Macelyn E. Batten, DO, Eric C. Klipsch, MD, Rupak Mukherjee, PhD, Ian C. Bostock, MD MS

Artificial Intelligence Predicts Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Outcomes Using a Single Surgical Note

Curry Sherard, John Del Gaizo, Roshan Mathi, Khaled Shorbaji, Brett Welch, Arman Kilic

Femoral vessel occlusion enhances cardiac and cerebral perfusion in porcine model of cardiac arrest

Joshua Y. Kim MS, Benjamin Usry, Maren Downing MEng, Samuel Seigler, Heather Holman, Kris Helke DVM, Rupak Mukherjee PhD, Jeffrey Jones PhD, Kristen M Quinn MD