Requirements for Admission

Admission of an applicant is recommended by the Department, but the final decision on admission rests with the Graduate Admissions Committee of the College of Graduate Studies.

Undergraduate & Graduate Record

Applicants to the MS and Ph.D. programs should have a superior undergraduate academic record. Applicants should have diverse backgrounds in the quantitative sciences, including mathematics, statistics, computer science, economics and other quantitative fields.  Applicants should also have exposure to biological or physical sciences.  Courses in psychology and engineering are helpful.

Graduate Record Examination

Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit official scores on the quantitative and verbal portions of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).  Scores more than five years old are not acceptable

Letters of Recommendation

Three letters of recommendation from instructors or supervisors who have had close contact with the applicant during their undergraduate, graduate or research training are required. Letters of recommendation should address the student's aptitude and capabilities for a research-oriented career.

Personal Statement

Applicants are required to provide a personal statement describing their reasons for wanting to enroll in the program, a discussion of their area(s) of interest and future goals.

Personal Interview

A personal interview with each applicant, if conditions permit, is considered a useful part of the admission process. This interview allows a prospective student to visit the Department and interact with the people under whom he/she will be training. It also provides the faculty an opportunity to assess the student's ability, independence of thought, and attitude toward a scientific career.