Graduate Course Offerings

Microbiology & Immunology Courses

Ph.D. students enrolled in the Microbiology and Immunology (M&I) program must complete 6 merit-based credits beyond the first-year curriculum. MSTP students have additional requirement as outlined in the program policy. Once joining the M&I program, all doctoral students must contact the graduate coordinator to develop a plan of study. Additional requirements for the M&I program include enrollment in MBIM 770 (each fall and spring, after joining the program) and MBIM 856 (each fall and spring, after passing the qualifying exam).

MBIM 716/BSC 716/ - Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases for the College of Graduate Studies (Schmidt) 4 credits (merit) Description. Microbiology, a core discipline of biology, is essential to the practice of all healthcare professionals.  The intent of this course is to provide a sufficient knowledge base and understanding of the fundamentals of bacterial physiology and their genetics, clinical bacteriology, clinical virology, clinical parasitology, and clinical mycology so that an individual successfully completing the program of study will be able to apply that knowledge to recognize and then control the infections.

MBIM 790*02/CGS 790*02 Immunobiology (Jiang, Ferreira) 2 credits (merit) Description. This mini-course is composed of fifteen sessions over a period of five weeks (M, W, F at 9:00-11:00 am) focused on a specific component of immunobiology. Two sessions are designated as THINK sessions prior to in-class assignments and engage the student in immune system experimental design exercises in the form of literature-based lectures from the course.                              Spring Minicourse Part 1

MBIM 790*07/CGS 790*02 Host & Microbe: Partners & Pathogens (Wright, Yilmaz) 2 credits (merit) Description. Ever wonder what the little guys are like…I mean the REALLY little guys? The world is filled with diverse microbes from bacteria that kill us to viruses that are used to cure cancer. The complex interaction of these microbes with their hosts helps to shape both our daily health and to advance our understanding of life in its most basic forms. This course introduces students to this amazing complexity by examining the fundamental characteristics of the bacteria and viruses which live both in and around us as well as how these tiny microbes have such oversized impact. So come explore the microbial world with us and learn what makes both them and us tick.                                                                                                                                Spring Minicourse Part 3

MBIM 735 –Inflammation and Immunity (Voelkel-Johnson) 2 credits (merit). Description. This course represents an intensive and in-depth study of innate immunity and host-pathogen interaction, immune tolerance, transplantation and inflammatory diseases, tumor immunology and immunotherapy. Emphasis will be placed on the most current research involving sophisticated methodology and therapeutic potentials. Requirements: Basic understanding of immunology. Minimal student enrollment of 3. Fall. Thursdays 9-11am

MBIM 770 – Microbiology and Immunology Seminar (Haque/deCubas) 1 credit (pass/fail). Description. This course is a weekly seminar series in which guest speakers present their research. Mandatory for graduate students in the Microbiology and Immunology program. Fall and Spring. Fridays  1 pm.

MBIM 779 – Immunogenetics (Pandey) 1 credit (merit). Description. This is an advanced course and consists of discussions of primary literature in immunogenetics. Initial discussions will review the fundamental principles of genetics through problem solving. Genes encoding the MHC, immunoglobulins, the T-cell receptor, and the Fc-gamma receptor will be the main topics of discussion. Requirements: Basic understanding of immunology and genetics. Minimal student enrollment of 3. Fall or Spring.

MBIM 856 – Critical Literature Review in Inflammation & Immunity (O’Neil, Engevik) 1 credit (merit). Description. This course is a formalized, refereed journal club and research seminar series focused on topics in Microbiology and Immunology relevant to students’ respective research programs. Mandatory for doctoral candidates in Microbiology and Immunology program. Fall and Spring. Mondays 12-1.

MBIM 970. Research.

MBIM 980. Thesis.

MBIM 990. Dissertation.