Happy new MPH students gather in class

PHGEN 780 Applied Learning Experience (Internship)

MPH students complete a field placement in an appropriate public health setting, graded P/F. Sites include, but are not limited to, hospitals, not for profit organizations, governmental agencies, and worksite/for profit companies. The site is chosen based on student interest and competencies that students need to achieve. Each site must have a mentor who is credentialed in biostatistics or who has experience in these areas. The site must have a major project that addresses the educational needs of the student, and the amount of work available for the student must fill at least 180 contact hours.

Each site must have an affiliation agreement with the College of Medicine at MUSC before any field placement work is approved. After meeting with the academic advisor, Practice Coordinator, and site supervisor to discuss possible sites and availability of an affiliation agreement, students will submit the required paperwork for the field placement site and identify competencies and learning objectives to be achieved during the 180 hours. Students must have at least 18 credits of coursework in the MPH program before beginning the field placement; within those 18 credits must be the five MPH core courses. Students must have approval from the academic advisor to apply for the field placement. (Required BIOS, EPID, HBHP)