Graduate Summer Redox Course


Course Description:
The summer redox graduate course, Redox Regulation, Oxidative Stress and Selenoproteins, is a joint training experience encompassing an international exchange with students and lecturers from the Karolinska Institutet, the Redox Biology Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and the Medical University of South Carolina. The course is held annually each summer, alternating between the three participating institutions.

Examples of subjects discussed:
- Glutathione S-transferases in Redox Regulation and Glutathione Dependent Catalysis
- Nitric Oxide Signaling and Cellular Redox State
- Calcium Signaling, Oxidative Stress and Apoptosis
- Glutaredoxin and Thioredoxin Systems
- Structural Basis of Redox Active Enzymes
- Redox Activities of Antioxidants in a Cellular Context
- Metals, Metabolism and Oxidative Stress in Human Disease
- Selenoproteins
- Mitochondria, Reactive Oxygen Species and Human Disease
The course is built upon a framework of discussions between graduate students in redox biology with leading experts in the field, combined with lectures, training in oral presentation, career counseling sessions and a written exam on redox biology. Teaching will be structured with morning lectures in basic concepts as well as cutting-edge research findings in the field. Afternoon sessions will include student presentations followed by discussions between lecturers and students.

Course Credit (Pass/Fail Only):
- Evaluation of the degree of participation in student-lecturer discussions
- Evaluation of the student's own project presentation
- Written examination
- Attendance during compulsory parts of the course as well as the grade of "Pass" in all three parts of the course must be fulfilled for a final grade of "Pass".

Course Prerequisites:
No particular prior knowledge is required, but students who are graduate students (registered PhD candidates) active within the field of redox biology will be given priority.

To apply:
Please email Niki Turner at for more information.