Graduate Program

Deadlines for Applications to the Masters Program:

Fall Semester - June 1 (classes start late August)

Student Handbook (PDF)

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Graduate Program Faculty List (PDF)

Program Exposure Brochure 2017 (PDF)

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MUSC College of Graduate Studies Office

Applications for Admission

Microbiology and Immunology Weekly Seminars

Course Offerings

Areas of Active Research by M & I Faculty

  • Applied bacteriology
  • Tumor viruses
  • Viral vectors and gene therapy
  • Gnotobiotic animal models Immunology
  • Tumor Immunology
  • Antigen Presentation
  • Innate immunity
  • Autoimmunity

Ph.D. Requirements

  • Written qualifying exam at end of second year (first year for M.D./Ph.D. students).
  • Written research proposal in NIH grant format and oral defense of proposal by the end of the third year for admission to candidacy.
  • 12 credits of advanced coursework beyond the first year curriculum (6 credits before qualifying exam).
  • Annual seminar in departmental seminar series (oral defense seminars qualify).
  • Written dissertation and oral defense for graduation.

MS Requirements

Our masters program takes 24 to 27 months on average and has minimal (6 credit hours) course requirements. Most of the student's time is spent on a laboratory research project, including writing and defending a thesis. The student must give two public presentations of their work in the department as well, including the thesis defense. All applicants must apply online. In general, applicants should have a General GRE test score (V+Q) of at least the 70th percentile or better, and a minimum GPA of 3.0. The subject GRE is not required. Transcripts from all institutions attended and three letters of reference are required. There are no stipends available for masters students. For more information, please see our most recent brochure listing faculty research interests and student accomplishments (download brochure).

Masters Program FAQs (PDF)