Career Enhancement Core (CEC) Scholar Program

Aerial view of MUSC Campus

The MUSC SCORE CEC Scholar Program consists of:

(1) intensive mentored research experiences designed to prepare outstanding early career faculty to become independent investigators in research on sex and gender differences as well as sex as a biological variable as it relates to stress in human health and disease;

(2) didactic material in responsible conduct of research, transparent research design, biostatistics and statistical analysis, research methods, and translational research skills related sex and gender differences in order to provide a strong, comprehensive base of relevant knowledge and skills;

(3) regularly scheduled seminars and journal clubs to promote information exchange and interdisciplinary interaction in the context of current findings and new implications;

(4) ongoing activities providing continuing review and consultation in critical areas such as biostatistical consultation, Responsible Conduct of Research and Good Clinical Practice, Rigor and Reproducibility, Human Subjects protection and privacy issues, and grant writing skills in order to ensure continuous learning, sound judgment and awareness of changing dynamics in scientific research;

(5) additional opportunities to participate in thematic or topical exchanges with other interdisciplinary research groups at MUSC pertinent to the SCORE Scholars’ research in order to present their ideas and data, extend their interdisciplinary perspective on research, and expand networking opportunities for future collaborations;

(6) a comprehensive evaluation plan for reviewing and evaluating Scholar progress and program effectiveness in order to continuously improve our ability to provide outstanding mentoring to CEC Scholars.