Cannabis & Postpartum Women

Impact of stress and craving on return to cannabis use in postpartum women

Principal Investigators: Connie Guille, MD and Kathleen Brady, MD, PhD            Co-Investigator: Roger Newman, MD

This project builds on previous SCOR/E work identifying stress and progesterone as important targets in stress-related craving and relapse to tobacco (Baker et al., 2021; Tomko et al., 2020), cocaine (Moran-Santa Maria et al., 2018; Sherman et al., 2020) and cannabis use (Sherman et al., 2019) in women, expanding the focus to the previously unstudied population of pregnant and postpartum women and leveraging the predictable real-world, naturalistic stressor of the postpartum period. It tests novel hypotheses that will inform the development of innovative psychological and biological treatments for postpartum cannabis use.