Didactic Curriculum

Listed below is a selection of topics covered as part of the Didactic Series, with additional topics added if a fellow may have a particular interest not already represented. Presenters will often provide relevant publications to fellows for review in advance of this 1-hour, weekly meeting. On alternate weeks, the group will meet with the Program Director to review Addiction Specialty Board-style questions in conjunction with the provided textbooks, with each fellow given an opportunity to lead the discussion on a rotating schedule.

Additionally, fellows will meet for an hour-long weekly Journal Club to review emerging literature in the field of addictions.



Treating Medical Professionals

Dual Diagnosis

Adolescent Substance Abuse

Sexual Behavior Disorders

Translational Basic Science

Psychotropics and Pregnancy

Marijuana Use Disorder

Biomarkers of Addiction

Brain Imaging in Addiction

Pathological Gambling

Neurobiology of Addiction


Therese Killeen, Ph.D., MSN

Sarah Book, M.D.

Kathleen Brady, M.D., Ph.D.

Kevin Gray, M.D.

Gregg Dwyer, M.D., EdD

Patrick Mulholland, Ph.D.

Connie Guille, M.D.

Aimee McRae-Clark, Pharm.D.

Raymond Anton, M.D.

Joe Schacht, Ph.D.

Heather Manor, PsyD

Peter Kalivas, Ph.D.

Fellows are also encouraged to attend the Psychiatry Grand Rounds Series and the Addiction Research Seminar Series, both of which feature nationally and internationally recognized experts from a wide variety of disciplines in the field of addictions research and treatment. These weekly seminars are held on campus in the Institute of Psychiatry Auditorium.